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How to Buy a Home Tanning Bed

This webpage is intended to give you advice on buying the best home tanning bed you can afford The indoor tanning industry has evolved, or should I say de-evolved, with the pressures of O'Bama Care's 10% tan tax and the fact that the WHO placed the sun and indoor tanning best home tanning bed money can buyUV bulbs on the known carcinogen's list.  You can now buy tanning beds for a dime a dozen, or cheaper. 

But which brand or model is the best new or used tanning bed to buy for your personal use?  There have been many tanning bed manufacturers who have gone out of business in the past few years making parts and supplies more difficult to find.  Additionally, when you buy a used bed you must consider the cost of replacement lamps ($295), acrylics ($299), shocks ($139) so even a "free" tanning bed could cost over $700 to bring up to standards.  When you do replace these items, however, you can expect your tanning bed to last over 7 years in a home environment. 

We will guide anyone through buying a used tanning bed and replacing the necessary items by calling 800-667-9189 You do not have to buy the bed or parts from us to take advantage of this service.  We believe the best home tanning beds are made by American Quality Manufacturing in Cocoa, Florida because of the all-steel and powder-coated design and the 25 year old company is still providing parts and supplies.

Option #1 for those on a low budget:  With the bad publicity for indoor tanning, coupled with the new tanning tax, many full-service tanning salons have closed their doors flooding warehouses across the USA with used tanning beds.  This means you can now buy a commercial model with 32 or more lamps for yourresidential tanning bed comparisons home for about $400 to $800, way less than the cheap plastic home tanning beds made of plastic and holding 16-24 bulbs.  The positive side of this method is you can buy a really expensive tanning bed costing $5,000 to $10,000 for less than $1,000 but you have to go and pick it up bring it home.  Then, when you get this used commercial tanning bed home, you need to hope it works and all the parts are there (if you buy it from a warehouse there will be no guarantees it will work). 

If you recently bought a commercial tanning bed for your home and it will not turn on, you may need a magic jumper wire we sell here.  Finally, you will need to inspect the tanning lamps ($295), acrylics ($299), shocks ($139) for proper operation and consider the cost of replacing them.  Keep in mind, many bed manufacturers have ceased operations in the US because of the new laws coming down the line from the FDA regarding indoor tanning devices.  Keep in mind, however, that UV light is absolutely essential to human survival and has proven to stimulate cell growth and cure diseases such as SAD and skin borne ailments.  Please read more about the health benefits of photo light therapy here.

Option #2 is buy a new bed for $2k to $3k:   If you photo of the best home tanning bedcan afford a brand new tanning bed that has not been used before then strongly consider an all-steel model with a lifetime guarantee for about $2,000 located here.  When you compare all-steel beds to the plastic beds you may buy for only a few hundred dollars cheaper, the steel beds win every time.  After several years, the powder-coated finished beds can shine like new where as the plastic models just fade, crack and weaken (see photo above).

If you are on a budget, then you should go to eBay or Craigslist and find the bargains for less than $1,000, but be prepared to bring a truck and some strong guys with mechanical knowledge and try to inspect the bed for proper operation before buying it.  Save yourself much heart ache and trouble when buying a new home tanning bed.  Click here to view the best home tanning beds money can buy or call 800-667-9189 to order the model pictured above for only $2995 (fully loaded with custom paint).