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Why Start an Automated Spa or Wellness Center?

Why should you start an automated spa or wellness center? Are you thinking of converting your existing tanning salon because you have watched revenue slowly erode over the past several years. Is it time to "transition" to a new business model?  Here is some food for thought:
automated spa layout
The indoor tanning industry is now de-evolving with the pressure of the FDA relabeling tanning beds as class II medical devices this year.  The state of California has banned anyone under 18 from tanning and the country of Australia has banished UV tanning beds completely in their country.  You will be bombarded with negative publicity against UV indoor and outdoor tanning from the American media over the next couple of years, but do not believe everything you see or hear.  The World Health Organization placed UV light (and the Sun) on the known carcinogens list years ago, they are just making a big deal of it now so they can tax the sun, like our water and air (see O'Bama Care). 

The simple fact is, humans need the Sun or simulated UV light to survive.  Exposure to UV light makes our bodies grow, stimulates hormones and cell growth (learn about photo light therapy here) and is now approved by insurance companies as a known cure for skin diseases and mental depression known as SAD (Seasonal Affectionate Disorder). 

What all of this means to you as a potential owner of an "automated spa or wellness center" is that you may need to have a tanning bed or two (or three) in the back; however, we now believe you should plan on providing a "plethora" of automated spa type devices which appeal to a broader client base (ie: 100% of the population). 

These web pages will help lead you in the right direction towards opening your own automated spa or wellness center in the shortest possible time with the equipment pictured on this page.  Read personal sauna reviews, portable sauna reviews and spray tan booth reviews to get up to speed on new automated wellness center equipment for sale.

What exactly is an "automated spa" business model?  Basically, an automated spa is full of wellness center type equipment which does not require an aesthetician to be on hand during the session.  This allows the owner/operator to maximize revenue per square foot and keeps the aestheticians fromwellness center equipment includes this spa capsule developing relationships with your clients and then taking them along when they leave.  Automated spa equipment is also perfect for hair salon owners who want to put an empty room in the back to good use. 

New buzz words in today's society are  "wellness center" and "healthy life-style" choices where as "tanning beds" and "tanning salons" are becoming bad references
to the 1990's.  What this means to you as a potential business owner (in my opinion) is that you should consider opening a day spa, wellness center or anything BUT a tanning salon (maybe have tanning beds as an option for clients) but NOT call it a tanning salon. 

We also recommend that you find an old tanning salon space to open your new business because they have the perfect size rooms already built and the dedicated 220 volt power is routed to each room.  Finding an old tanning salon space to open a day spa or wellness center can save you up to $20,000 in build-out expenses!  To accomplish this, find a phone book and call the tanning salons listed and see who is out of business.  Then drive by the salon address to see if the building is empty, rooms still in tact, and then call to see if the lease agreement is reasonable.  Learn more about how to open day spa or wellness center call 800-667-9189 for a personal consultation or select from our many menu options below: