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Introduction to Personal Saunas

Personal saunas have evolved over the past 5 to 10 years from your father's sweat box made of cedar with coals and hot steam to space-age looking spa capsules like the very popular Hydration Station models pictured here.  Most tanning salons, day spas and health clubs now offer spa capsule services in these personal saunas because of the number of different services provided in one small package. 
introduction to personal saunas
Personal saunas now offer services such as red light therapy, water massage and most importantly...exfoliation of the entire body.  The Hydration Station model pictured here also offers the added advantage of NOT having to hire and attendant to manage the session making these self-automated money makers for business owners and a quiet, pleasant and relaxing time for customers.  Many of the newer models feature a LCD screen with DVD and MP3 capability so the user can watch movie or listen to music during the session. 

The main purpose of personal saunas in the salon environment is to "prepare the skin" for an upcoming evolution.  There are three "human skin treatments" which benefit greatly from a pre-treatment in a spa capsule like the Hydration Station before undergoing a session.  These events include: (1) prior to laying in a UV tanning bed or stand up booth; (2)  prior to a UV free sunless tanning session; (3) prior to undergoing chemotherapy.  Proper exfoliation and maintaining proper pH are key steps to maintaining healthy skin and these self-contained capsules are ushering in the next age of personal saunas.  Read more personal sauna reviews here.

One sub-category of the new-age personal used hp350 hydromassage bed for salesaunas are the water massage bed class.  Water massage beds or tables also provide a means for a salon, day spa or home owner receive the benefits of a service that previously required another person in the room and on the payroll. 

Water massage beds or tables can deliver water in 3 very distinctly different methods: 
(1) is the "from the top as you lay on your front" method as provided by the AquaMassage series;
(2) is the "from the bottom as you lay on your back" method as provided by the HydroMassage Bed
(3) is the "from the top as you lay on your front in an egg-shaped capsule" as provided by the Spa Capsule brand. 

As a home owner, you can now have professional grade massage services in the comfort of your own home at an affordable cost.  As a salon, day spa or chiropractic center owner you can now provide these attendant free services to all your clients and maximize your per square foot revenue without hiring another employee.  Read more portable sauna reviews here.