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Used Toning Tables

Toning tables are passive exercise machines used to improve circulation and range of motion for clients, mostly seniors who want to improve their quality of life.  Unlike traditional exercise machines, toning beds have motors and gear boxes which move your legs or arms for you.  By not offering resistance, your muscles are not strained and broken down, but merely stretched at a photo of perfect shape toning tablespre-determined setting. 

Most aging baby-boomers are now beyond the fitness gyms and robot-looking multi-gym packs found in homes and need a more comfortable device which increases circulation and range of motion and not build muscle.  Toning tables achieve this through a series of up to 10 different tables types, each designed to target a specific part of the body.  In addition to leg tables and circulation tables, their are a number of "body bender" type beds which work your core and help increase your flexibility without striking a yoga pose for 3 minutes. 

The cost of these tables has dropped to around $10,000 for set of 7 refurbished toning tables with a warranty.  This means you can add a set of toning beds in your home fitness room, clubhouse or apartment community and not spend very much money  for a whole lot of value.  It has been a common practice for apartment communities to offer free indoor tanning beds for residents, now consider replacing tanning beds with toning tables when appropriate.  Many new assisted living centers, who provide 3-4 levels of care for aging seniors, are now offering toning beds as a complementary service. 

If you are planning on opening an automated spa or wellness center, toning waist tummy hip toning tabletables are a perfect complement to this business because they are attendant free.  Tanning salons are morphing into day spas, health spas, and wellness centers who may have a set of these tables along with a sunless tanning booth, personal sauna, water massage bed, or photo light therapy device

For over 25 years we have been helping our clients go into the tanning and toning salon business and now we feel is the best time ever to open a "wellness center" or "automated spa".  We have created all-inclusive priced wellness center equipment packages containing all of the devices you need to start an automated spa.  Please call us at 800-667-9189 or email us here or select from our many more menu options below: