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Introduction to Sunless Tanning Booths

Sunless tanning booths have progressed significantly in the past 5 years to a more efficient and comfortable session for the user.  Not long ago, the automatic-type UV free spray tanning booths were a "cold and startling" experience that left the user cold, wet and stainingintroduction to sunless tanning booths their clothes as they were getting dressed.  Now, since the Magic Tan VersaSpa and Mystic Tan HD models came along, sales and use of sunless booths are sky-rocketing because they have incorporated "heaters and dryers" into the process. 

Tanning salons who have lived through the decline of UV tanning by their customers are now seeing a flood of new business from more healthy alternatives like sunless tanning.  An inexpensive sunless option for salon owners and their customers is the hand-held, body spraying type you can buy for less than $500 but the disadvantages soon become apparent.  Hand-held models require an attendant to be scheduled and hopefully show up for scattered appointments and then execute the uncomfortable spraying process while the customer is undressed. 

Automatic UV free spray tanning booths eliminate the need for a technician and now feature voice prompting to help the customer through the session while they are alone in the room.  If you are a tanning salon, day spa, or health club owner and want to offer your customers the "future" of indoor tanning, then we strongly recommend adding a sunless spray tanning booth. Read spray tan booth reviews here and learn more about set up and features below.

The setup required for an automatic spray tan booth is diagram of a sunless tanning booth layoutidentical for most newer models with the water wash down feature.  If you are new to these devices, after the customer exits the booth, the computer system sends a water-fall of water down all sides to help clear the over spray from the walls and floor.  This drain water is collected in a basin which is about 10" high and serves as the base for the entire unit and the platform for the customer to stand upon.  This design and construction technique allows you to place these units in most rooms that are at least 8' x 8' and can have access to cold water and a drain

The cold water and drain typically look like the same as a washer and dryer hook-up, but without the need for hot water (floor drain is not required).  The sunless booth will come with two standard garden hose size male adapters with about 6 feet of length to connect to the salon's system...which can be done in any number of ways.  The power required is usually less than 20 amps and most models operate on 110 volt power.  The ceiling height also needs to be a solid 8 1/2 feet tall because the unit needs to accommodate 6' + people and the height of the base. 

The ideal room for an automatic type sunless spray tanning booth is at least 8' x 8' x 8' and in the back of the salon by the bathroom for easy access to utilities. Pictured here is a typical setup diagram for a Mystic Tan HD. We also offer used spray tan booths for sale here.