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Repair and Service for Automated Spa Equipment

We are American Quality Manufacturing, a 25+ year old company that is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) who builds all-steel product and supplies from the ground up using flat sheets of steel and spools of wire.  We can accomplish this task withsalon services provides parts, repair and service for all tanning beds our sheet metal job shop and powder coating job shops located in Central Florida.  Our team of final assembly men can put together and take apart tanning beds with a blind fold and are responsible for producing indoor tanning industry brands from scratch such as Tropical Rayz, Perfect Tan, Sunal, South Beach, Royal Sun and more. 

At AMQ we also produce items for other industries like medical cabinet's, dog wash stations, and pet waste stations.  As the indoor tanning industry has transitioned from UV tanning to sunless tanning booths and other day spa products, we began to bring in used spray tan booths and used spa capsules for refurbishment and resale.  These day spa and health club products we make a habit of refurbishing are shown on these pages and every single item offered we break down, rebuild and provide a warranty to service venues for our customers. 

Call 800-667-9189 to discuss buying and selling used day spa equipment and call 800-667-9189 for service calls and warranty repair.  We also actively utilize smart phones to trouble-shoot and repair the tanning beds, spray tan booths, and spa capsules we market across the USA.  We deliver and install all the equipment we sell anywhere in the USA and actively ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico.  We also provide a myriad of service related websites to directly assist you 24 hours per day with your problem.  Please choose from our suite of website options below or click here to find a tanning bed repair technician by state.